What is a Whole Body Machine and What are the Benefits:  

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Simply put, the Vibra Pro 5500 Classic is the best Oscillation Vibration machine on the market.


A sophisticated tri-planar style of whole body vibration machines that is well suited for use in a gym, studio, or even at home. Easy to use & has plenty of power with its dual motor system.


Advanced Dual Motion Vibration Machine. A full feature full sized commercial unit designed for demanding customers.


A premium triangle oscillating whole body vibration machine that’s great for the entire family.


Full featured dual motion vibration machine. One of the most effective whole body vibration machines in existence.


The Vibra Pro Bodywave elite vibrating workout platform will meet the needs and demands of any fitness enthusiast.


Both men and women can perform hundreds of diverse workouts with the Vibra Pro Home Gym G350.