SCENTSATIONAL ... The Name Says It All ....  
Founded in 2000, The mission of the company is to manufacture the best possible candles and soap products and price those products fairly. In other words, "Deliver a premium product at discount prices." The concept isn't new, but unlike other companies, we deliver. You simply can't buy a better candle than ours, at any price. In other words... Our name says it all.......Scentsational!!


Thanksgiving won't be the same without it! A blend of fall fragrances!


"HOLIDAY KISSES" Clean and woodsy with a brisk hint of Raspberry.


Harvest Spice - A blend of fall spices! A fall blend that will put you in the Holiday Spirit!


If you like Christmas Spirit - you will love this twist! Sherwood Forest with a Blend of Juniper berries! A must for the Holidays


Pumpkin Spice - A holiday favorite. Burn this candle... it's the fragrance of your youth. Just add the Turkey.


Get the aroma of walking into your favorite coffee shop without leaving the comfort of your own home.


The fragrant aroma will have you picturing yourself on an island savoring a Pina Colada. Smooth coconut with a splash of pineapple.


Love Cinnamon? Then You will Love this Candle....It's All About Cinnamon


Fragrance is Just Fresh and Clean. White candle packaged in white or blue organza bag.


Whether it's suntan lotion or pina'colada's, let your imagination run wild with the scrumptious aroma of coconut


Fragrance is fresh and masculine. Strong as an ocean breeze yet gentle as spring rain. It's sooo cool.


Heavenly. Cranberries & Vanilla. It's Cranberries like never before.


One of our #1 selling candles. Cream in color, Vanilla fragrance & much more.


Close your eyes, and you'll think you're in a rose garden. The fragrance is identical to a fresh cut rose. Great for that special occasion to create a romantic atmosphere!


The Fragrance of Prayer. A fragrance reminiscent of holidays past.


It's a fresh cup of tea with a bite. Welcome to our tea room.


Night Blooming Jasmine. Smells like a sweet summer's night!


Pale yellow in color and is packaged in a green or white organza bag. The fragrance is fresh & outdoors.


Elegant in fragrance, is as close to the real thing, as you can get. This is the perfect scent for relaxing after a long day at work.


Fresh and Fruity! A tropical fruity blend of Mango, Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit!


Raspberry, like nothing you have ever tried before. A fragrance that's so Raspberry, you would think you were in a Raspberry garden


"Refresh", open your senses - Eucalyptus and Herbs. Refreshing is an understatement.


Spa-Like Aromatherapy; Feel peaceful, balanced & "Relaxed".


Enjoy spa-like aromatherapy that will leave you feeling peaceful, balanced & "Renewed".