Versatile Jewelry with Infinite Possibilities!

This stylish necklace casts a sophisticated air all on its own and can be layered as a belt or necklace for a bolder look. Measures 19 inches.


Shimmering silver discs mingled with clear, beads create an airy look for a delicate addition to any outfit as a bracelet, necklace or anything else you can imagine. Measures 23.5 inches.


Dark chocolate brown beads on an antique bronze chain are an elegant choice and versatile enough to be a single necklace, bracelet or layered for a more elaborate look. Measures 40 inches.


Small silver discs dangle from a light silver chain for an irresistible necklace that's versatile enough to be worn alone or layered with another necklace. Measures 39.5 inches.


These delicate teal wooden beads create an heirloom feel as a necklace, bracelet or belt. Measures 33 inches.


A delicious blend of bright red, green, blue & yellow beads on a silver chain make this a delectable & especially versatile necklace, bracelet or belt. Measures 43.5 inches.


This twisting antique gold chain is classically beautiful and versatile enough to be combined with several different necklaces. Measures 43.5 inches.


Large silver hoops make this necklace especially versatile. Blends easily with others for a layered look or can be draped around your wrists or even your boot. Measures 45 inches.


This delicately sweet necklace is lovely on its own and is simple enough to be layered with a variety of necklaces. Measures 43.5 inches.


Delicate coral gems wrapped in gold facets add a touch of class and color.


Small silver discs and clear beads cascade gently on these silver earrings that pair beautifully with necklaces like Spun Sugar & Clearly Classic. Measure 2.5 inches.


Sweet antique bronze daisy's hang delicately from dark chocolate beads in these adorable earrings that are a perfect compliment for the Lazy Daisy and Hazel Moon necklace.


Antique silver with a lush blend of fresh water pearls, wood and shell beads are combined for an elaborately alluring, statement necklace. Measures 24 inches.


Delicate scroll work gives these antique silver earrings an artistic feel. A perfect pairing for the Venezia necklace and Napoli ring. Measure 1.75 inches.


These silver earrings have been polished and hammered to reflect light in eye-catching ways. Simple enough to complement any silver necklace. Measure 2.25 inches.


Double antique silver hoops are textured and polished for an exotic look that pairs well with several necklaces from the fierce Cleopatra to the simpler Isis. Measure 1.74 inches.


A thin silver chain joins gunmetal links and beads in this richly layered necklace that will add subtle dimension to any outfit. Measures 27 inches.


Antique silver hoops with polished, hammered and stippled designs are joined in this dynamic necklace that can also be added to a longer chain. Measures 20 inches.


This simple gun metal chain adds dimension as a layered necklace or belt. A favorite go to look you'll be glad to have on hand. Measures 46.5 inches.


This antique silver chain is interrupted with small cream pearls for a rustic, yet charming necklace that's also attractive as a belt or bracelet. Measures 43 inches.


Polished, hammered discs linked to simple silver hoops are a stylish accent to the Perfect Circle & Simplicity necklaces or even the more daring Posh necklace. Measure 2.25 inches.