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VP Genesis Sport

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VP Genesis Sport

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Vibra Pro Genesis Sport

Whole Body Vibration Machine

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Video:  Whole Body Vibration Machine For Athletes

The Genesis Sport follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular Genesis made by Vibra Pro. Users wanted all the benefits of the Genesis in a slightly smaller and more economical package. The Genesis Sport has dual motors and identical motion to the genesis, making it one of the most effective whole body vibrations of all time. Equipped to offer both premium oscillation motion and spiral rotational motion which can be operated separately or combined, just like the Genesis this machine has it all and more.

The 2014 Vibra Pro Genesis Sport is a full featured dual motion vibration machine. All the same features as its larger cousin the Genesis, the Sport version also includes a built in card reader for using pre designed custom workouts. Steel skirt construction and innovative handle bar design borrowed from the number one selling machine of all time, the VP 5500. Boasting 186% more effectiveness for weight loss this machine is one of the most effective whole body vibration machines in existence.

The 2014 Genesis Sport adds the ability to use premade program cards and includes 4 upper body straps, 2 separate DVD’s, 7 training posters and 6 premade program cards. A bonus workout towel and 100 ml. bottle of Vanish oil is also included for a limited time at no charge.

SPEED » 120 Settings ( 60 + 60)
AMPLITUDE » 1mm - 11mm
DISPLAY » Multi Section, Multi Color, Backlit, LED Display with Speed, Time and Program
MOTOR » 500 watt DC+ 300 watt DC
PROGRAMS » Manual Mode and 3 Pre-Programmed USB Programs
FRAME » Rugged Welded Steel
BASE » Steel
SKIRT » High Impact Steel
MOTION » Premium Oscillation + Spiral Rotational (Tri-Planar™)
PLATFORM HEIGHT » 10 inch. Above Ground
PLATFORM SIZE » 26.5 inch. x 20.25 inch. Deep
LEVELLING SYSTEM » Adjustable Locking Foot Support System
TRANSPORT SYSTEM » Polyethylene Wheels on Back of Main Post

Included in the box
Owners Manual, 6 Feet Power Chord, Allen Key (for assembly), Soft Elastic Upper Body Workout Straps x 2, Firm Non Flexible Vibration Transferring upper Body Straps x 2

The Sport Console
The Genesis Sport head and control panel are designed for ease of use and dependability. Large oversized blue backlit LED display makes the unit easy to operate. Individual buttons for increasing or lowering the speed of either motor and up/down controls for changing both speeds simultaneously.

The Sport Base
Extra wide platform allows for more versatility of poses. Soft dimpled rubber mat generates a massaging feel that increases blood circulation in the feet and legs. Upper body strap mounts are located on the sides of the base and can be mounted in front or back of machine.





Full featured dual motion vibration machine.  One of the 
most effective whole body vibration machines in existence.