Velaqua Filter Refill Pack

Velaqua Filter Refill Pack

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Velaqua Filter Refill Pack

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Replacement Filter Pack - Ceramic Filter & Filter Cartridge  

(Replace after 500 gallons or 6 months use)

Ceramic Filter
The main content of the Ceramic Filter consist of a highly compressed ceramic diatomic. Its competent resistant’s are amplified through high temperature and professional skills. The ceramic filter diameter is 0.2 micron (diameter bacteria is 0.5-1.0 micron). Its function is to filter all dirt’s, sand and bacteria to give you water free from any dangerous diseases such as typhoid, cholera and amoeba.
Filter Cartridge
This is the most excellent and efficient filter ever discovered recently in the world. It needs only one filter to filter all impurities such as bacteria, colour, chemicals, and heavy metals etc, and yet retains all the good minerals and nutrients of water. The filter gives you clean and clear water without taste or traces its original taste. Filter is probably the best answer to provide safe water for you, even from any source of polluted water, with the minimum water wastage after filtration and yet preserve good water nutrients. Patented with high technology, it blends 19 natural raw materials into one, at high pressure and temperature.


Ceramic Filtration and Water-Quality Analysis:
The U.S Environmental Protection Agency-Registered number 434343
The National Sanitation Foundation Registration Number 8563 (It took 5 years to test the QC)
The National Water Inspection Central, England.
Korea Chemicals Inspect and Testing Institute Ag-Analysis No. TK09245 Water Test No. TK-05029, TK-05030.
Korea Institute of Science & Technology (ER, KIST C/D UV Water)







Replacement Filter Pack - Ceramic Filter & Filter Cartridge.
(Replace after 500 gallons or 6 months use)