VP Pro Genesis

VP Pro Genesis

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VP Pro Genesis

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Vibra Pro Genisis

Advanced Dual Motion Vibration Machine

Video:  Whole Body Vibration Training Explained

Video:  Whole Body Vibration Machine For Athletes

Vibra Pro Genesis is a full feature full sized commercial unit designed for demanding customers. Unique dual motor design offers users oscillating motion on one motor, spiral rotational motion with the second motor and tri-planar motion when both motors are combined. This unique machine is 186% more effective for strength training compared to standard triplanar machines. The Genesis is a great whole body vibration weight loss tool effectively giving the user faster weight loss, quicker strength training, and better bone densification.

The Vibra Pro Genesis is the most advanced dual motion vibration machine available today. This unique machine creates more than 186% more effective vibrations than regular machines. Dual motors combined with the most sophisticated control panel offers users the benefits of both oscillating motion, spiral rotation motion, and triplanar motion in one machine. Each drive system can be operated independently or combined.

Futuristic control panel features knobs which can be pressed or turned. Unit offers 120 different speeds to accommodate any user. Ultra wide platform with soft dimpled rubber texture provides the ultimate experience in vibration machine technology.


Continuous and unsupervised use

10.2 Koehler Rating (Heavy Duty)

2HP - Triton - 1x1100 watt + 1x500 watt

Speed Settings
6Hz to 60Hz

Width: 30 in. Height: 56 in. Depth: 27 in.

Package Contents
The Vibra Pro Genesis
Quick Start Training Guide
Training Poster
Training DVD

Manufacturer Information

2 years motor warranty and 2 years parts and labour warranty. Slimvibes extend this warranty making it the best warranty available in North America.

Vibra Pro Genesis

  • Ultra Quiet Technology
  • Luxury Home Studio machine
  • Premium Vibration System
  • 5-Year Motor Warranty











Advanced Dual Motion Vibration Machine.  A full feature full 
sized commercial unit designed for demanding customers.